Developer’s destressing activity

You have to come up with a program within the shortest time. Your client feels you are slow yet the commands seem to play games with you. Your family requires you to give them their ample time. That means you have to spend more than 18 hours on the computer trying to ease the pressure. If this is your daily schedule, then you have to set some time to engage in a de-stressing activity like ping pong not only to engage your mind in a physical exercise but also to have a quality life.

Chasing money without taking good care of your health may lead to a permanent health illness. “Prevention is better than cure” the health care theme. At some point, yes, you want to play ping pong and you have no company or you just want a “me” time. The ping pong robots will save you and give you a virtual player for you to engage in a physical exercise away from the computer. If you have no idea of where to get one, will be of great help. You can also click here for more information about ping pong and its health benefits.

Why should a developer play ping pong?

Ping pong enhances the cognitive development of the player.

A programmer needs a clear state of mind to run concurrent commands which are coherent and sequential. In fact, programming is a skill for the brain. You do not need any brain boosters to improve the mental alertness. Your body will be dependent on them which might cause addiction. Ping pong activity is both a mental and a physical game. As long as the physical boy work above the minimum level, it directly impacts on the emotional and mental health.

After spending all you time on a program, when you do a test run, it is a total flop. Get your ping pong equipment, if you have company. Forget about the program and focus on the game. The coordination of the eye in relation to the body allows you to have a fitness program. In the end, the brain release endorphins hormones responsible for happiness boosting your self-esteem and further giving you a positive attitude.

While playing you have won against an opponent who you thought was much better. You have a reason to smile. The fact that you have taken the time to rejuvenate in yet a mental activity which broadens your use of logic. You refresh yourself and get a cup of your favorite drink- coffee helps in alertness for this scenario. When you get down to develop the program, trust me you will have a comprehensive thought will be able to recognize your mistakes. Some of them could be as a result of a mental block.

Ping pong allows you to have a good sleep which is essential in allowing the brain to rejuvenate. Of course, at the subconscious mind, the failed program runs. You will even make a new program while dreaming. You wake up refreshed and reenergize, you embark on it, the first test run gives you amazing results.

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